This campaign concluded September 2015. The new campaign for this troupe can be found at

Welcome to the city that never sleeps.

The war is over. Now is the time for the neonates to make a name for themselves, and for newcomers to make a place for themselves.

This is Manhattan Tonight. Welcome to it.

This webpage is an informational page for a LARP game being run in Victoria BC, Canada. This game is based on a fictional setting as published by White Wolf Publishing which resembles the real world in place name and locations only. Any resemblance to real-world people and events is coincidence, and events and people as represented on this page are not to be taken as real in any sense. Do not take anything on this site as literal, including but not limited to events, people, and plans. Setting information is based on the Vampire: the Requiem setting as published by White Wolf, with a large amount of influence from Blood and Smoke by Onyx Path publishers and additional house rules generated by the ST team.

The Manhattan Project

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