Dr. Emilio Cordell

Leader of the Ordo Dracul


Dr. Emilio Cordell is a tall and slender man with a narrow and gaunt face. He is usually seen dressed in a disheveled suit – haphazard vest and half-done tie included. When found outside of Kindred haunts, a well-used lab coat and personalized clip-board accompany his usual attire.

Nonchalant to the point of being abrasive, the leader of the Ordo Dracul in Manhattan is infamous for his ability to delegate any task brought to him that doesn’t suit his interets.


The Ordo Dracul in Manhattan have been represented by Dr. Emilio Cordell for over 100 years. While incredibly predictable, it can still be rather difficult to track down the head of the Ordo, as he spends his time in his private labs, or in any one of the several dozen labs located at any of the universities within the city limits of Manhattan.

Enzo of the Brooklyn Court is known to be the childe of Dr. Cordell.

Dr. Emilio Cordell

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