Mr. Red

body disposal specialist of Rikers Island, deceased


Mr. Red was a member of the Cleaners from Rikers Island. Often found in the company of at least one other member of his coterie, Mr. Red’s manic demeanor gave him the air of someone both incredibly focused and yet constantly distracted.

He was known to refer to everyone he meets as “Mr. Johnson”.


Mr. Red worked as the morgue attendant at Rikers Island, and was secretly abusing his position in order to torture inmates, experimenting on Kindred and humans alike.

He covered his defection from Rikers Island with a mass riot within the prison complex, revealing that he had Conditioned many of the inmates. From Rikers, he proceeded to create havoc in the Domain of Manhattan, causing several breaches of the Masquerade before being apprehended in a parkade on Broadway.

Red was executed by the Domain of Manhattan in mid-2015, with the permission of the Domain of Rikers Island.

Mr. Red

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