The Heirophant

Former head of the Circle of the Crone, deceased


The Heirophant was a short woman who dressed in concealing and mismatched clothes that were not out of place in the Harlem slums – and this did cause for some odd stares when she deigned to visit other domains.

Underneath her rags, she was tattooed in a style that mostly resembled Aztec war paint.

At her death it was revealed that she was of Clan Ventrue.


A removed and isolated figure, her reputation for incredibly strong magics caused many to overlook – though rarely forget – her utter disdain for most court members (including no few members of her own covenant). The most notable exceptions were the other members of the Council on which she sat, for whom she seemed to have a remarkable respect for.

Prior to the departure of many Manhattan Ancillae and Elders, the Heirophant operated via a coterie of intermediaries. These four women – Enza, Zyganya, Talia, & Nadia – were the Heirophant’s eyes and ears; in Harlem, and at court. Upon their Final Deaths, it was revealed that they were the Heirophant’s childre.

The Heirophant

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