The Kennel Keepers

a Circle of the Crone cult


Well-known within the Circle of the Crone, the Kennel Keepers are a coterie of five that operate out of a converted school located in the north-west area of Harlem who are rumoured to worship the horned god Cernunnos – Celtic god of nature, the hunt and fertility. They have recently lost a coterie member known as Tria (aka Tara and Treza).

Obviously taken with the hippie lifestyle, Melody is a young and expressive woman identifiable by her willowy build and long hair tied up in dreadlocks.
Cathleen is Melody’s older, more sedate counterpart, and is recognizable by her flowing dark hair and equally flowing skirts and shawls. Melody and Cathleen are the bird-keepers of the group.
Antoni is a quiet and sombre young African man with hair in short tight braids. He appears to be responsible for the reptiles within the kennels.
Oldest by appearances, Mr. Dosantos is a disapproving old Spanish man who keeps exclusively to the cult’s converted compound.
Never seen outside of Crone Territories, Kaelan is the leader of the Kennel Keepers and appears to be a young man of mixed descent. He is the most remarkable of the group, as his bloodline is clear for all to see by the antlered horns which protrude from his head.


The Kennel Keepers

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