Tag: Crone


  • Circle of the Crone

    "The Circle of the Crone venerates a variety of female figures as an amalgamated creator of vampires, the Monther of all Monsters. Regarded as pagans by some of the more conservative Kindred factions, the Circle relies more on holistics and redemption …

  • The Heirophant

    A removed and isolated figure, her reputation for incredibly strong magics caused many to overlook - though rarely forget - her utter disdain for most court members (including no few members of her own covenant). The most notable exceptions were the …

  • Róta

    A prominent member of the Circle of the Crone, Róta is most well known for her participation in monthly semi-public debates with [[:andrew | Father Andrew]] of the Lancea Sanctum.

  • Akakios

    Known to have entered the city several decades ago, and has primarily served as a guardian for the Crone in the time since. Rumor has it he has an impressive mastery of Obfuscate for a Gangrel.

  • Carlos

    Carlos arrived in Manhattan several years ago, making a place for himself with the local Circle of the Crone. He has not been forthcoming about his past, but some of it seems to have caught up with him in the form of [[:juanita | Juanita]], a Carthian …