Tag: Dracul


  • Ordo Dracul

    "The Ordo Dracul is a neo-Victorian faction not unlike a secret society. It commands mystical knowledge and rituals that allow members to transcend their vampiric state. The covenant claims descent from the historical Vald Tepes - Dracula himself." - …

  • Dr. Emilio Cordell

    The Ordo Dracul in Manhattan have been represented by Dr. Emilio Cordell for over 100 years. While incredibly predictable, it can still be rather difficult to track down the head of the Ordo, as he spends his time in his private labs, or in any one of the …

  • Mr. Red

    Mr. Red worked as the morgue attendant at Rikers Island, and was secretly abusing his position in order to torture inmates, experimenting on Kindred and humans alike. He covered his defection from Rikers Island with a mass riot within the prison …

  • Tarin

    A rare face at gathering, Tarin most often attends social gatherings when someone manages to book her lab space out from under her.