Tag: Erolki


  • Landon Lockwood

    It is known that Mr. Lockwood has led the Invictus in this city for nearly a century. In that time, he has demonstrated great skill in the fields of politics and business, and reasonable talent in the art of war (though he is rumored to have been quite …

  • Gustav

    He's been in the city for a while now, though exactly how long isn't publicly known. His position as the primary information-gatherer for the Cleaners means he's stuck his nose into a lot of dark corners, but he's managed to avoid annoying anyone …

  • Father Andrew

    He is known to have been in Manhattan for over a century, and has held a position of respect within the Sanctum for much of that time - for both his talent with Theban Sorcery, and his kind nature. Father Andrew is also very well known within the city …

  • Akakios

    Known to have entered the city several decades ago, and has primarily served as a guardian for the Crone in the time since. Rumor has it he has an impressive mastery of Obfuscate for a Gangrel.