Blood Potency

Blood Potency represents the innate mystical power concentrated within Vitae. A character’s Blood Potency rating represents how much control and mastery s/he has over these innate properties.

A character’s Blood Potency determines their maximum Vitae pool (generally 9 + Blood Potency) and how much Vitae they can spend in a single turn (generally half Blood Potency, rounded down). Blood Potency is also added to many Resistance traits when resisting supernatural effects (including a number of Disciplines).

At Blood Potency 3, vampires can no longer feed from animals (including ghouls). At Blood Potency 7, vampires can no longer feed from mortals (also including ghouls). Blood Potency automatically increases at a rate of 1 every 50 consecutive years a vampire is awake. Blood Potency reduces at a rate of 1 every 25 consecutive years a vampire remains in torpor.

In the wake of significant events – usually of an occult nature – one might find that their Blood Potency has increased at an accelerated rate. The other way to increase your Blood Potency preemptively is through diablerie.

Diablerie is the destruction of another vampire through consuming all their Vitae, and then continuing to pull until they turn to ashes. In almost all instances diablerie is forbidden for the following reasons:

  • It violates the Right of Destruction – that is, no one has the right to kill another vampire without explicit permission from the ultimate authority in the city (usually a Prince – in Manhattan, it is the Council of Manhattan).
  • It is generally considered criminal to willfully risk Vitae Addiction.
  • The perpetrator gains nothing through diablerie that they would not have gained through time. Destroying another with more experience that you out of impatience is a fairly high crime in and of itself.

All characters will begin play at Blood Potency 1.

Blood Potency

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