Bloodlines are minor lineages within a clan. A bloodlines has its own frailties and stengths on top of the predispositions of it’s parent clan. A member of a bloodline begins manifesting those features once they have been sponsored into the bloodline.

A vampire must have Blood Potency of 2 or higher to be sponsored into a bloodline.

No character may begin play as part of a bloodline. If there is a bloodline you are interested in, discuss it with the STs and we will see about incorporating a possible sponsor into the setting for you.

When proposing a bloodline, please be aware that we will not consider any bloodline with a unique discipline outside of the 5 clan-specifics.

Note: In this setting, a character CANNOT SPONTANEOUSLY MANIFEST THEIR SIRE’S BLOODLINE. They still require a sponsor. The idea that it is easier to manifest your sire’s bloodline comes from the fact that a Sire is usually more than happy to sponsor their Childe into their lineage.


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