Character Survey

Some of these questions are more important than others, but all of them help the ST team understand your character better (helping us run a more interesting game for all). However, if you’re stuck on a couple of them, don’t worry about it, please send in what you do have – some information is better than none.

Please note that filling out this survey is not worth XP.

Personal Info:

Is your character still going by their mortal name? If not, what false name(s) are you using and where (among Kindred, among mortals, etc)?

How long has your character been Kindred? (i.e. what was your date of death?)

How old was your character when s/he was Embraced? (i.e. what is his/her apparent age?)

Does s/he have any mortal family or friends that s/he keeps in contact with? If yes, how much do they know about what s/he is?

Does s/he have any Kindred family that s/he keeps in contact with (Sire, broodmates, etc)?

Do s/he have any distinguishable features (tattoos, scars, Giant, part of a minority)?

How long have s/he been in Manhattan?

Where does s/he live (exact address, neighborhood, “My Covenant Domain”, etc)?

How is his/her Haven secured?


How does s/he feed?

Does s/he have a job? If not, where do their Resources come from?

What hobbies and/or pastimes does s/he have?

How does s/he get around the city? What precautions does s/he take? Does s/he travel differently when going to and from Gathering?

Other Points to Consider:

Does your character have any physical habits (smoking, a twitch, etc)?

Has your character broken any laws (human or vampiric)? Does your character have a criminal record in Manhattan or elsewhere?

Why did your character join their current covenant? If s/he has not, why has s/he remained unaligned?

Is your character religious? If so, who/what does s/he follow/worship/venerate?

State one of your character’s goals:

Out of Character:

State one of your goals as a player:

Is there anything you as a player would like the ST team to know? Concerns, queries, what you love in LARP, what you hate, etc.

Character Survey

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