All vampires must deal with conflict between Humanity and the Beast. A vampire’s distance from the Beast is measured by their Humanity rating, from 1 to 10. Any vampire whose Humanity drops to 0 loses control to the Beast, becoming a draugr (and an NPC).

Mundane pools involving Empathy, Persuasion, and Socialize are capped by one’s Humanity when dealing with mortals – the inhuman state of a low-Humanity vampire interferes with their ability to deal with the living.

When a character commits certain acts (any listed under their current humanity rating or lower), they must make a test using a number of dice based on the severity of the action:

Humanity 10 (Six Dice)
One night without human contact.
Lying in defense of the Masquerade.
Spending more than one Vitae in a night.

Humanity 9 (Six Dice)
Watching humans eat a meal.
Committing a superhuman feat of physical prowess.
Feeding from the unwilling or unknowing.
Urging another’s behavior with a Discipline.

Humanity 8 (Five Dice)
Creating a ghoul.
Rejected by a human.
Riding the wave of frenzy.
Depriving another of consent with a Discipline.

Humanity 7 (Five Dice)
One week active without human contact.
Surviving something that would hospitalize a human.
Injuring someone over blood.

Humanity 6 (Four Dice)
Falling into torpor.
Reading your own obituary.
Experiencing a car crash or other immense physical trauma.
Impassioned violence

Humanity 5 (Four Dice)
Two weeks active without human contact.
Reaching Blood Potency 3.
Death of a close mortal family member.

Humanity 4 (Three Dice)
Spending a year or more in torpor.
Surviving your first century.
Accidentally killing.

Humanity 3 (Three Dice)
One month active without human contact.
Death of a mortal spouse or child.
Impassioned killing.

Humanity 2 (Two Dice)
One year active without human contact.
Premeditated killing.
Seeing a culture that didn’t exist when you were alive.
Surviving 500 years.

Humanity 1 (Two Dice)
One decade active without human contact.
Heinous, spree, or mass murder.

Humanity 0 (Automatic Loss)

If a character fails the test, they lose their highest dot of humanity, and suffer whatever consequences that may bring (capped social pools with mortals, etc).

After losing a dot of Humanity, one can take a Bane – locking out the sin one committed, but taking both a new weakness (vulnerability to holy ground, silver, or other such things) and a stacking penalty of 1 on all other Humanity checks in future (-1 to checks with one Bane, -2 with two Banes, and -3 with three Banes). Any particular character may have up to three Banes, and you cannot select a check from Humanity 2 or lower to be locked out.

Humanity can be raised with effort – characters taking pains to reconnect with living people, avoiding indulging in their inhuman sides, etc.

Buying up your humanity costs a flat 6 xp per dot, regardless of rating.


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