Vampire: the Requiem Core:

Virtues Definition
Charity The Virtue of selflessness, regaining willpower by giving something up or putting yourself at risk for others.
Faith The Virtue of optimism, regaining willpower by trusting things will work out in the face of adversity.
Fortitude The Virtue of resilience, regaining willpower by enduring extreme circumstances (physical or mental).
Hope The Virtue of inspiration, regaining willpower when going above and beyond to maintain the morale or momentum of a group of people.
Justice The Virtue of just rewards, regaining willpower when bringing appropriate punishment or consequences to a wrongdoer.
Prudence The Virtue of caution, regaining willpower when acting in a conservative or preparatory fashion despite temptation.
Temperance The Virtue of moderation, regaining willpower when avoiding extremes despite potential rewards.

Additional Virtues:

Honour The Virtue of faithfulness, regaining willpower when holding to one’s word against adversarial conditions.
Mercy The Virtue of kindness, regaining willpower when forgiving or aiding others regardless of prior actions.

Character Creation ~ Vices


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