Vitae Addiction

Vitae Addiction is a very dangerous condition that any being which ingests Vitae risks (mortal, animal, or vampire). Every time something takes in Vitae, it must make a Resolve + Composure test to avoid addiction.

Bloodline Adoption Ritual: +5
Vitae is passed through a vessel before drinking (poured into a cup, etc – doesn’t stack with above): +2
Each point of Blood Potency of the vampire supplying Vitae: -1
Every time in the last four weeks the character has ingested Vitae: -1
Diablerie: -3

If a character fails the test, they become addicted.

Once Addicted:

If they are a vampire, when in the presence of Vitae, they act as if one level hungrier for the purposes of frenzy tests (hungry when above 4 blood, starving from between 4 and 2 blood, and ravenous when at 1 or 0 blood). Ravenous vampires take a -4 on all anger or hunger frenzy tests. Vitae-addicted vampires will always prioritize Vitae over blood if they enter Wassail.

For any creatures not at risk of Frenzy, the situation is a little less dangerous – they test at Resolve + Composure (no penalty), and (upon a failure) will desperately try to ingest any Vitae they sense. They will not act carefully or thoughtfully – and will become violent if stymied – but are generally less homicidal than a vampire in frenzy.

Escaping the addiction is very difficult. One would have to avoid ingesting Vitae for a full year, then make a successful Resolve test to break the addiction. If they fail the check, they may be repeat it once every six months afterwards as long as they continue to avoid Vitae consumption, with a cumulative +1 modifier per failed roll (unless they consume Vitae – doing so forces them to start over again with no bonuses).
In addition, an amount of time in Torpor long enough to lower a vampire’s Blood Potency (25 years or more) will automatically break Vitae addiction – this often leads to cities simply placing dangerously addicted vampires into Torpor to solve the problem.
Finally, the Embrace breaks the addiction – otherwise, embracing ghouls would be incredibly rare.

Vitae Addiction

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