Manhattan Tonight

Welcome to the city that never sleeps.

In this World of Darkness, literally half of Manhattan’s population does their business at night. And not just the underground and shadier aspects of the city – but respectable businessmen, reputed financiers and Broadway directors walk Manhattan’s streets at 2 a.m. alongside tourists, street gangs and the other less trustworthy sorts. And those less trustworthy sorts are just as likely to be conducting their business during the day as not.

The city is run by a delicate web of politics between the covenants. The Council of Manhattan stand as advisors to the Invictus Prince.

Politically, the Carthian Movement (Carthians) holds as much power as the Invictus. The Ordo Dracul, Lancea Sanctum, and Circle of the Crone hold significantly less power individually, but everyone is aware that if any two decided on a firm alliance, they could take the city as their own.

As things stand, the covenants share power as a balancing act.

A Note on Domain:
While it is not generally considered an offense to cross the domain of a covenant you do not belong to, it is expected that you will be observed, if not escorted, through those territories. It IS an offense to feed in the declared domain of another Kindred, or a covenant to which you do not belong.

The Ordo Dracul territory includes Murray Hill, Gramercy, Alphabet City, East Village, Little Italy, Lower East Side, and China Town. This includes the Williamsburg Bridge, the Manhattan Bridge, and the Brooklyn Bridge, as well as the JFK International Airport via the Queens-Midtown Tunnel.

The Lancea Sanctum holds Morningside Heights and the Upper West Side. They also have an enclave residing the block of St. Patrick’s Cathedral.

The Carthians hold the Upper East Side and Midtown East. This includes the Queensboro Bridge and Roosevelt Island. They also have an enclave residing in the block around the American Museum of Natural History.

The Invictus domain includes Chelsea, West Village, Greenwich Village, Soho, Tribeca, Midtown West and the Financial District. This includes the Brooklyn Battery Tunnel, the Holland Tunnel, the Lincoln Tunnel, and all the various water travel enterprises along Battery Park.

The Circle of the Crone claims Harlem and East Harlem as their domain. This includes the Triborough Bridge, the Madison Ave. Bridge, the 3rd Ave. Bridge, the Willis Ave. Bridge, and the Nacomb’s Dam Bridge.

The Rack is considered neutral territory and includes the Theatre District, Restaurant Row, Times Square, and the surrounding area.

Upper Manhattan is collectively the territory of individual Kindred who have been granted domain by the city.

The city parks along Broadway have been declared neutral territories, and is the only place where the Unaligned can haven unless they make other arrangements.

Central Park is neutral territory, and is considered a “No Man’s Land” (i.e. enter at your own risk).

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Manhattan Tonight

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