Circle of the Crone

“The Circle of the Crone venerates a variety of female figures as an amalgamated creator of vampires, the Monther of all Monsters. Regarded as pagans by some of the more conservative Kindred factions, the Circle relies more on holistics and redemption than on the penitence and guilt of other ideological covenants. Its members are sorcerers and blood witches.”

- Vampire: the Requiem, 24

Members of the Circle of the Crone make no secret that the sect is divided into a variety of pagan cults, though respect within the covenant obviously reaches beyond those divisions. In addition, it seems impossible to trespass into the territories held by the covenant without attracting their notice despite the obvious conflict between the religious groups.

Much of the Circle of the Crone’s power in Manhattan is based on their geographical location. The streets of Harlem are a rich resource for feeding (and other more nefarious purposes, if rumours are to be believed).

The Circle of the Crone in Manhattan was represented on the Council by The Hierophant until her death at the end of the year.

While the Circle of the Crone no longer has a seat on the council, their formal representative in court is Elis Corbeil, who holds the title of Speaker for the Crone.

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Circle of the Crone

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