A Clan is a vampiric lineage. Vampire society recognizes 5 clans, and every vampire is a member of one of those five clans. Each clan has it’s own creation story, though not all members within each clan agree on their origins. Each clan is characterized by what a Childe inherits from their Sire. Members of a clan inherit certain mystical traits, from traditional shortcomings to an innate insight into a particular Discipline, that are shared with their entire lineage.

The Daeva lineage is home to the most impassioned vampires, and the most cruel as well. Daeva are sensual, passionate and emotional.

Gangrel are the most feral clan, with an instinctive understanding of primal power. Clan Gangrel is savage and tough.

Mekhet are shadows. They see more than others and are often unseen, but also often left in the background. Mekhet have a reputation for being quick, discreet and insightful.

The Nosferatu are off-putting and occasionally nauseatingly disgusting. It is a rare member of this clan who does not feel their social ineptitude strongly. Nosferatu are stealthy, strong, and terrifying.

Clan Ventrue are in general lordly, ruthless, and often mad. They are master of both man and beast. Clan Ventrue is regal, commanding, and aristocratic.

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