Lancea Sanctum

“The Lancea Sanctum looks to Biblical history for its spiritual outlook. The covenant seeks to influence Kindred society with the strictures of Longinus, who was believed to be a progenitor turnined into one of the Damned by the blood of Christ. The covenant practices a magic that draws on elements from Biblical times, when God’s will was manifest.”

- Vampire: the Requiem, 24

Bound together by their collective monotheistic beliefs, the Lancea Sanctum accepts any faithful into their ranks. In the Lancea Sanctum, you may find a Catholic Protestant, a Muslim, and a Jew working in concert towards their mutual covenant’s goals. They believe that their place in the world is to act as wolves among the human sheep, and to drive those who are faltering in their faith back into the arms of the shepherd.

The Lancea Sanctum in Manhattan is led by the local Bishop.

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Lancea Sanctum

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